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Artistic director: Alexis Robbins


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On November 19th we premiered our first dance film (scroll back up to watch it!) at the Actors Fund Arts Center as a part of our newest piece "here for now, but not for long". Alice Halter and Julia Neto performed for a sold out audience. In the month of January we embarked on another dance film project with the talented Andrew Cashin (Cashin Productions) with dancers Alexis Robbins and Ginny Mottla. A two minute teaser will be out soon for NACHMO Lens! Stay tuned.


A Piece of KAKE! February 17th at 7 PM at CPR


Dancers Alice Halter and Julia Neto will be performing "Here for now but not for long", an eight minute duet that includes our most recent dance film "No More No More" at the Center for Performance Research in Brooklyn in "A Piece of KAKE" curated by KAKE dance company on Saturday, February 17th at 7 PM.


Alexis Robbins is the featured choreographer for the upcoming NACHMO Showcase!

NACHMO (National Choreography Month) interviewed Artistic Director, Alexis Robbins, for their most recent blog post as their featured choreographer for their upcoming showcase on February 23rd and 24th at the Actors Fund Arts Center. Check out the link below for Alexis' detailed responses about her background and choreographic process!